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How Writer's Café can help you create a blueprint for your story

Using our Storylines tool, you will discover just how easy it is to create a blueprint for a piece of fiction. No matter what sort of story you want to tell, be it romance, horror, screenplay or short story, StoryLines can help you get the plot nailed down and fast. No matter how complicated and ambitious your story, StoryLines can deal with it. Taking the tried and trusted system of using index cards to a new level, you can quickly create a roadmap for your story.

Writer's Café's StoryLines creates possibilities, not problems.

Unlike much creative writing software, Writer's Café does not try to make you fit your story to a predefined shape. Instead, Writer's Café encourages you to dig deeper into you imagination to find the story that is right for you characters and the story that you want to tell.

And as you work on your plot, you can also develop and record everything you need to know about your characters and settings.

Writer's Café takes the fear out of plotting and lets you run with your ideas.

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